No Room_ Create A Home Gym With These 5 Equipment Essentials

No room? Create a home gym with these 5 equipment essentials

Building a home gym is a dream shared by millions, and could be the key to finally regaining control of your physical fitness levels. Let’s face it; despite the initial outlay of a home gym fitout, you’ll probably save money in the long run too!

Whether it’s just for you or to be used by your entire family, the home workout space can transform your world for the better. The biggest hurdle you may face, however, revolves around space. Converting your home garage, summerhouse, or guest room will probably mean that you have a relatively small home gym.

This shouldn’t disrupt your plans, though. Instead, it should provide the motivation to think about how you can maximise the space. Complete your gym fit out in Melbourne with these five features, and you’ll be just fine.

#1. Technogym MyRun – A Modern Treadmill For The Modern Home

Jogging, running, and incline walks will are a central feature of the cardio routines irrespective of where your  fitness levels are currently at. The MyRun treadmill from Technogym is the perfect solution for your small home gym.

The sleek, compact design ensures that the treadmill is capable of fitting in very tight spaces while it provides the advanced features to take your training to the next level. It tracks all the metrics, such as heart rate and calories burned, that you could ever need while pre-programmed workouts and manual training put the control in your hands.

This is highlighted further still by the fact it can be connected to your smart devices, utilising an incredible App to help you monitor your progress before, during, and after your completed workouts. Those with a little extra space may want to add an AirDyne Air Bike too. But f you only have space for one main cardio machine, the MyRun treadmill is the answer.

#2. Home Gyms – For An All-In-One Approach To Building Muscle

When entering your local commercial gym, you’ll be met by several types of weight machines ranging from leg presses to lat pulldowns and chest presses. You won’t have the space for all of them inside your small home gym, which is why an all-in-one option is vital.

Thanks to a wide range of different home gym machines, you should have no problem finding an option that allows you to focus on strengthening the body parts that you view as problem areas. These resistance machines are safe, reliable, and help you maintain good form at all times.

The home gyms are created by many different manufacturers, all of whom offer space-saving tech and exceptionally thorough designs to keep things compact and easy to use. Choose the best equipment for your needs, and the home gym will feel better than ever.

Our team at The Fitness Shop recommend Bodycraft home gyms. This premium quality home multi gym brand is manufactured in the USA with state of the art designs allowing for hundreds of different exercises to target the entire body and with a compact footprint.

#3. WaterRower – For The Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Regardless of whether you wish to lose weight, gain muscle or train for an event, the perfect training plan should involve aspects of cardio and weight exercises. So, why not combine the two with the fast, frantic, and highly-addictive process of rowing?

If you’re going to add a rower to your home gym, it needs to be of good quality. Otherwise, performance and comfort will suffer. The WaterRower offers a smooth action and a self-regulating resistance to ensure that every workout is completed to the best of your abilities for even greater results.

The hardwood design creates a stylish look while the capabilities to store it upright are ideal for a home gym fitout. ‘Water’ way to take your fitness levels to the max.

#4. Free Weights & Weight Racks – Simple Yet Essential

Free weights form a crucial part of a body workout, allowing you to complete a full range of exercises with the added resistance to build core strength and target specific muscle groups with incredible results.

The essential features include dumbbells, wrist weights, ankle weights, and barbells. The rubber hexagon designs are among the most popular right now as they look great and offer incredible comfort. Just remember to stock multiple weight sizes to encourage long-term progress.

Storage is an equally crucial factor, however, especially when you’re working with limited space. Whether choosing dumbbell sets that come with a stand or buying this storage feature separately, getting this right is an essential step towards building the perfect gym.

#5. Gym Flooring – A Small Comfort You Cannot Forget

When kitting out your small home gym, you probably won’t care too much about the interior design. After all, this is a place to get fit rather than feel relaxed or inspired. Nonetheless, if there’s one feature that must be correct, it’s the flooring.

In truth, the main flooring choice of wood, vinyl or carpet is a personal preference. The truly essential step is to buy rubber mats and rubber tiles for your home gym flooring. This provides a cushion when dropping weights or doing exercises like skipping, which can be beneficial for you as well as others throughout the home.

Meanwhile, the right floor mats are crucial for various floor exercises including sit-ups and crunches. For the sake of your comfort, the room’s maintenance, and general practicality and function, this is a finishing touch that can make all the difference.

Our team at The Fitness Shop specialise in home gym fitouts regardless of the space available. Contact us today and we will put together a blueprint for you to your specifications and install every piece of fitness equipment exactly where you want it.

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