6 Best Exercise Bikes You Can Buy In Australia

6 Best Exercise Bikes You Can Buy In Australia

Indoor cycling has become a popular way to lose weight and get a good calorie burn session from the comfort of your living room. With so many to choose from, how do you know which stationary bike will work best for you?

If you’re looking for the best exercise bike in Australia, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best exercise bikes currently on the market. Below, we break down the differences and similarities among the bikes on this list to make your purchasing decision easy. 

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1. Matrix CXC Training Cycle Spin Bike

When it comes to design and functionality, there are few bikes that compare to the Matrix CXC. This spin bike has been precision-engineered by experts to provide a quality indoor cycling experience. 

This machine was designed for indoor spinning classes, so it can withstand heavy solo usage without breaking a sweat. The designers aimed to build the most stable and solid-feeling steel frame, and they succeeded. You can rearrange and customize the position of the wheels and handles without compromising on the stable feel of the outstanding Matrix CXC. 

The narrow Q-factor (the distance between the pedals) provides the optimal ergonomics for an outdoor riding sensation. The seats are designed to relieve pressure on touchpoints and remain comfortable for the duration of your cardio workout. 


  • Dimensions: 122.4cm (L) x 56.4cm  (W) x 102.8cm (H) 
  • Q factor: 16.7cm
  • Pedal type: Dual-sided SPD pedals with toe cages
  • Resistance system: Magnetic, Flexonic belt  
  • Seat adjustment: Vertical and horizontal
  • Handlebar adjustment: Vertical and horizontal  


The CXC is loaded with extra features to give you an optimal cycling experience. It has an optional power meter that lets you control the level of resistance, allowing you to tailor each of your workouts depending on your energy levels and fitness goals. The integrated device storage shelf keeps your phone or tablet upright so you can watch online cycling classes, read a book, or even answer emails while you work out. The flywheel has a protective shroud that protects the internal mechanisms from sweat, dust, and cleaning solutions. 

An optional wireless LCD console display lets you track RPMs, calories burned, distance, time, and heart rate when you wear a heart rate strap. 

2. Bodycraft ASPX Mag Spin Bike

In terms of quality and durability, the Bodycraft ASPX Mag Spin Bike is unmatched. Warranted for commercial and personal use, this spin bike provides a smooth cycle no matter where you are. The multi-grip handlebar allows for easy position adjustment. You and other family members can quickly adapt the machine to maximize comfort during your workout. 

With precision sealed bearings, a sturdy design, and a maintenance-free drive belt, this machine was built for a lifetime of use. In fact, the frame has a lifetime warranty!


  • Dimensions: 107cm (L) x 61cm (W) x  120cm (H)
  • Q factor: 17.5cm
  • Pedal type: Dual-sided SPD pedals with toe cages
  • Resistance system: Magnetic eddy current, belt drive 
  • Seat adjustment: Vertical and horizontal 
  • Handlebar adjustment: Vertical and horizontal


This spin bike features a micro-adjust resistance knob that allows you to tailor your workout intensity with ease.

An optional computer feature provides comprehensive workout feedback on an LCD screen. 

You can choose to add Bodycraft’s Dualpro Bluetooth Cadence Speed Sensor. This is a wireless solution for measuring your cycling data, which you can view on Peloton or Peloton alternatives like Zwift. 

3. Horizon GR3 Spin Bike

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the Horizon GR3 Spin Bike is hard to beat. This is one of the most affordable indoor spin bikes you can find, and it doesn’t compromise on quality. The heavy 21kg flywheel helps the bike feel sturdy and provides a smooth riding experience. 

This bike is designed to inspire and motivate you to break a sweat. The three-position handlebars include an integrated heart rate monitor system. This allows you to track your effort and intensity throughout your workout to achieve your goals. 


  • Dimensions: 124cm (L) x 49cm (W) x 116cm (H) 
  • Pedal type: Dual-sided with toe cages
  • Resistance system: Friction brake, belt drive
  • Seat adjustment: Vertical and horizontal 
  • Handlebar adjustment: Vertical 


The Horizon CR3 features a micro-adjustable knob for easy intensity adjustments. 

The 5-inch LCD console display lets you track RPMs, calories burned, distance, time, speed, battery, and heart rate when you wear a heart rate strap. The screen also has different workout programs installed, including HIIT, Speed Intervals, and Heart Rate Intervals. 

An extra feature is Horizon’s Glow Ride Lighting System which adds fun variety to your workouts by simulating road cycling with three different phases. 

4. Octane ADX Air Bike

The Octane ADX Air Bike is considered the pinnacle of air bike technology. Designed to withstand even heavy commercial use, this bike has a reinforced crank system and a set of stabilizing feet. 

Because the Octane ADX uses air resistance, you have unlimited resistance levels to set the pace during your workout. This makes it the perfect machine for beginners or trained athletes, and ideal for HIIT or Crossfit style workouts. The anti-slip foot pegs let you periodically target your upper body only. And with the cushioned multi-grip handlebars, you can easily focus on different muscle groups. 


  • Dimensions: ‎66cm (L) x 140cm (W) x  135cm (H)
  • Pedal type: Toe cages, anti-slip foot pegs
  • Resistance system: Progressive wind resistance, single-stage belt drive 
  • Seat adjustment: Vertical and horizontal 
  • Fan: 68cm fan with 26 blades 


The simple and intuitive console display shows RPMs, distance, watts, calories, and heart rate. The fun visuals of the tachometer encourage users to push themselves to “bury the needle” by increasing the average calories burned per minute. The bike comes with 9 preprogrammed workout modes to give challenging variety.

If you don’t like the feeling of wind while you work out, you can add an optional air diverter. 

5. Pure Design AB10 Air Bike

Built to last, the Pure Design AB10 Air Bike offers a quiet, smooth, and intense indoor riding experience. The centre bar of the bike’s frame provides a shield from the wind you create, keeping your workout comfortable. 

The adjustable multi-grip handlebars allow you to target your arms, core, or back by shifting your hand position. If you want to target your upper body only, you can rest your feet on the sturdy foot pegs. 


  • Dimensions: 140cm (L) Ă— 30cm (W) Ă— 90cm (H)  
  • Pedal type: Oversized foot pedals, foot pegs
  • Resistance system: Progressive wind resistance, rib belt drive
  • Seat adjustment: Vertical 
  • Fan: 56cm steel fan with 12 blades


The LCD screen includes 8 different preprogrammed training modes. These include custom intervals, target settings, and heart rate control. 

Although it has the sturdiness and quality of a heavy-duty machine, you can easily move the Pure Design AB10 around using its transport wheels and rear handle. 

6. Bodyworx ARX700 Recumbent Bike

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that still gets your legs burning, the Bodyworx ARX700 Recumbent Bike is the bike for you.

To keep you comfortable wherever you are in your exercise journey, the bike has 32 different tension levels, a large moulded saddle, and a mesh backrest. This bike is silent and mighty–giving you a comfortable and effective home workout. 

Recumbent bikes are perfect for those new to working out, dealing with lower back pain, or in recovery from an injury. 


  • Dimensions: 155cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 71cm (H) 
  • Pedal type: Large pedals 
  • Resistance system: 32 levels auto tension 
  • Seat adjustment: Horizontal 
  • Handlebar adjustment: Vertical 
  • Backrest: mesh


The LCD console displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, RPMs, pulse, and scan. The console has 9 preprogrammed modes, including heart rate control and bodyfat modes. These modes allow you to focus your efforts on improving fitness, boosting mobility, or burning calories.  

For extra control and tracking of your workouts, the Bodyworx ARX700 includes a phone or tablet holder and a USB charger, and it can connect to popular workout apps via Bluetooth. 

Find the Best Exercise Bike in Australia

Whether you want a gruelling full-body workout or a challenging but comfortable recovery cycle, we’ve got the perfect indoor exercise bike for you. One of these 6 bikes is sure to meet your needs!

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