6 Ways To make A Fitness Regime Part of Your work Day

The top 6 ways to make a fitness regime part of your work day

Working out at work? To many people, that might sound like a case of giving yourself double the trouble, but the benefits have been clear for quite some time now. Working out in the office has been shown to give you more energy and more motivation to get through the day, not less.

Making your way to work

Start by looking at your commute. If you live reasonably close to your workplace to the point that you would be able to reach it in under an hour or either walking or cycling, you can give yourself the wakeup you need so you arrive energised and ready while burning some calories on the way.

Get out of that chair

Sitting is one of the unhealthiest habits, yet the office demands it of us. However, with a standing desk, you burn more calories and maintain your leg and core strength simply by standing and working there. What’s more, it’s shown to be much better for posture, meaning fewer risks of developing chronic musculoskeletal pain down the line.

Make breaks more meaningful

Make your break a fitness routine break. Most of us spend only a small amount of time during our breaks eating and often we waste the rest of that time at our desk. Start with a nutritious shake or granola bar and use that time to get in some exercise instead. There are under-desk pedal exercisers and ellipticals you can pull out for a quick workout before you get back to it.

Switch out your seat

If you have to spend a lot of time at the office sitting, then why not make sitting much more beneficial to you? Balance ball and balance ball chairs allow you to activate the muscles throughout the body in a discreet and convenient way, providing a healthy tension and making it much easier to squeeze in a little exercise throughout the day.

Keep a gym in your drawer

If you spend a lot of time on the phone or reading reports and notes throughout the day, then that leaves the majority of your body free to engage in a little exercise. There’s lots of portable exercise accessories and equipment that you can fit in your drawer, including stretch bands, small free weights, grip training tools, hand exercise balls, and hand exercise gyroscopes. Budget-friendly and convenient, you can pull these out whenever you have a freehand or free time.

Get the squad involved

You might find that you’re not the only one who wishes they had a little more time to invest in their physical fitness. Talk to your coworkers and managers about the possibility and benefits of an exercise break together. Whether it’s breaking out the yoga mats for ten minutes or having meetings on the go with the help of ankle weights, it can be a lot more fun and lot less nerve-wracking when you’re doing it with everyone else.

We can all squeeze a good fitness regime into our workday. The risks of a sedentary job, including chronic back pain, heart disease, diabetes, and more, need to be counteracted. Hopefully, the tips above and some compact, convenient workout gear from The Fitness Shop can help you do just that.


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