Summer Fitness Exercise

8 Great Ways To Step Up Your Fitness Game This Summer

Summer is finally here, hoorah! But if you’re looking in the mirror and feeling a little self-conscious, it can threaten to take some of the sunshine away from what should be the best time of the year. Now is the time to regain control with a revised health and fitness plan.

The combination of cold weather and the pandemic meant that your keep fit strategies were largely restricted to the home. However, the warmer weather opens the door to many new opportunities. Here are some of our top tips to increase your health and happiness over the weeks and months to come.

1. Focus on performance

A winning mindset is genuinely the most powerful weapon in your arsenal as you look to get fit this summer. Sadly, one of the most common mistakes people make relates to focusing too much on the scales. While your weight is a valuable metric, it is just a number. In truth, you will see far better results by learning to set performance-based goals or using the way you look and feel as the barometer of success. 

Ultimately, looking and feeling fitter and sexier is far more important than knowing whether you feel a pound short of your intended weight loss or gain goals. 

2. Get outdoors for exercise

The first workout in the park or on the beach can be a little daunting, but the benefits of being outside in the fresh air are huge. Exercises with resistance bands and other simple accessories become far more engaging and enjoyable, while it also means you get vitamin D and avoid packed gym spaces. Whether setting up a boot camp or running a strength training circuit, the control is entirely in your hands.

Alternatively, you can jump on your bicycle or skates for a fun cardio session that will provide a change from the runs that you completed in winter.

3. Find a sport to play

If you genuinely wish to unlock your full fitness potential, you must accept that consistency is king. Playing team sports is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself motivated. Each game is unique, meaning it never feels repetitive. Moreover, combining social elements and a competitive edge will deliver an ongoing sense of satisfaction before, during, and after exercise.

As long as you find a sport you love, it won’t even feel like exercise. By turning the chore into a hobby, fitness will become a natural part of your daily habits. Perfect.

4. Get in the pool

When taking your fitness levels to new heights, engaging as many muscle groups as possible is vital. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to get a full-body workout that combines cardio with resistance training. If standard swimming sessions feel a little boring, you may want to consider water sports like surfing and bodyboarding. The summer season is the best time to do this by far.

If you are swimming at an outdoor pool or in the sea, you must also protect your skin. Like team sports, exercising with friends and relatives will add an extra layer of fun.

5. Sign up for an event

Starting the summer season with high hopes of getting fitter, faster, and stronger unites millions of people. Sadly, most people lack the discipline or structure to maintain their progress. Signing up for an event like a half marathon means that you simply cannot afford to keep making excuses. As such, you will be forced to show the consistency that leads to serious gains.

Further motivation can be gained by raising funds for charity. Either way, setting a training plan and sticking to it should be the catalyst to unlock the desired fitness goals.

6. Choose balanced nutrition

It’s hard to think about fitness and exercise without also considering the role of nutrition. The summer season is supposed to be enjoyed. Frankly, even a six-pack isn’t worth giving up family events and special occasions. There is no need to quit alcohol or never eat carbs. However, knowing your superfoods and supplements to ensure that you gain nutritional benefits from meals will bring huge rewards.

The most crucial step is to stay hydrated. Otherwise, even a small level of dehydration will impact your physical and mental performance – as well as your happiness.

7. Learn a new skill

Keeping your mind engaged with exercise will go a long way to boosting your physical performance levels. Human nature dictates that we all thrive under learning new skills, and taking up a combat sport is the perfect solution. Boxing gloves are one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Aside from getting fitter, it is an opportunity to relieve stress and boost your general mental wellness.

The fact that you will equip yourself with some critical self-defence skills is another bonus. Whether you take a casual or serious approach, your fitness will improve.

8. Get a personal trainer

Finally, suppose accountability is your biggest obstacle on the path to fitness. In that case, you can consider hiring a PT. Their knowledge, expertise and ability to take accountability for your progress can make all the difference. The key is to find one that can specialise in providing plans aligned with your needs. The delivery of their work could be online or offline, depending on what suits your needs.

Not everyone needs a PT, while many others only need one for a short time. Still, if it is a step that will finally help you achieve the body and life you crave, you should take it.