4 home gym routines to build muscle and lose weight

4 Home Gym Routines to Build Muscle & Lose Weight

Want to hit the gym but you simply don’t have the time or access? Or maybe you’ve learned that that working out in the comfort of your own home can be more cost-efficient in the long-term than keeping up with … Read More

top 6 ways to make a fitness regime part of your work day

The top 6 ways to make a fitness regime part of your work day

Working out at work? To many people, that might sound like a case of giving yourself double the trouble, but the benefits have been clear for quite some time now. Working out in the office has been shown to give … Read More

How To Create A Home Gym in Melbourne with breaking the bank

How To Create A Home Gym Without Breaking The Bank

We are constantly reminded of how important it is to stay in shape. Wherever you go, you’re taught about good fitness and good food, and every social media platform online is filled to the brim with those in search of … Read More

Top 6 Foods To Boost Your Fitness & Improve Your Overall Health

Top 6 Foods To Boost Your Fitness & Improve Your Overall Health

People go to the gym to lose weight, improve their fitness and generally aim to be leaner, sexier and stronger human beings. There is a lot of information out there on what works for fitness, and the results are very … Read More

spring september blog post the fitness shop

Give your home fitness regime a spring clean with these tips

Spring is finally here, and what better way to usher in the new season than spring cleaning your home fitness regime? If you’re keen to put a spring in your step, boost your health and wellbeing and get in shape, … Read More

What is a digital detox?

What’s A Digital Detox And How Can It Improve Your Fitness?

Take a look around you on your morning commute, you’ll probably notice that the vast majority of people are plugged into or glued to some kind of technological device. In this day and age, it’s all too common for us … Read More

Man and woman getting motivated for a run in the winter rain

Keep motivated through winter with these 6 home fitness tips

Winter is a tough time of year, and particularly when it comes to maintaining your motivation to exercise. The days are shorter, weather is colder, and there’s a general listlessness in the air. It makes maintaining an exercise regime extremely … Read More

3 simple daily habits that go a long way

It often seems as though we spend countless hours trying to figure out the paradoxical complexity of life. We have all fallen victim to the power of overthinking and continuously trying to figure out what it is that we are … Read More

New Year, Same You – 5 Tips To Sticking To Your Resolutions

It’s February, how are your New Year’s resolutions looking one month into the new year? These early months of the year are always the time when we think about who we are as people, examine our habits, and make promises … Read More

How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

When it comes to exercising, it’s often thought that getting to the gym is half the battle. Which should mean that working out at home should be much easier to motivate yourself to do, right?   While having the means … Read More