The Class & Style of Nohrd Gym Fitness Equipment

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Nohrd gym equipment is, let’s be honest, at a level of class and style that many brands cannot even begin to compete with.


With the efficiency of design for which its native Germany is famed, the Nohrd brand is synonymous with durability and quality. Perhaps what really sets it apart, though, is how unique it is. Nohrd is also synonymous with luxury; while most people may not associate working out with luxury — after all, if you’re not hurting you’re not working it! — Nohrd offers truly high-end equipment that you will be proud to have in your gym.


The Fitness Shop is proud to be chosen to retail and install Nohrd fitness equipment in Melbourne. Since opening in 2016, The Fitness Shop has aimed to provide its customers with a range of choice, and a degree of quality, that sets it apart from the competition. There’s an obvious synergy, then, between a store that only accepts the best and the Nohrd brand, which puts craftsmanship at the top of its priority list.


Nohrd’s water grinders, for example, are unique machines that will leave the user in no doubt they’ve been in the gym, but look so good you could happily use them as an installation in a modern art gallery. Each machine is handmade in Germany using sustainably-sourced young heartwood, which is treated to ensure durability and cleanliness. Due to this manufacturing process, each water grinder is an original testament to exquisite craftsmanship. These machines are Germany’s best fitness innovation since Pilates, and every one of them speaks for the integrity and sophistication that Nohrd demand from their products.


Along with the beauty and efficiency of Nohrd’s machines, a major attraction for the user is their originality. Anyone can buy and fit a basic treadmill for home use, or buy a bulk lot of exercise bikes for their gym, but Nohrd provide a truly outstanding range of carefully-cultivated equipment that is clearly researched and developed with the end user in mind. When you use Nohrd, you will immediately understand how they have sought to define and revolutionise personal fitness by paying real attention to the way the human body works. The machines work with the user to provide a genuine all-round workout, the likes of which lesser machines just cannot provide.


So with Nohrd’s well-earned reputation for affordable and innovative design combined with The Fitness Shop’s skills in sourcing and installation, your gym will have that additional touch of class that is usually so difficult to obtain.