How To Create A Home Gym Without Breaking The Bank

How To Create A Home Gym Without Breaking The Bank

We are constantly reminded of how important it is to stay in shape. Wherever you go, you’re taught about good fitness and good food, and every social media platform online is filled to the brim with those in search of body positivity and happiness. The problem is that, as with anything, keeping fit can be expensive – and not all of us have that cash to hand!

Every January, we have the sportswear out on the shelves, the new sneakers and gym shoes in the windows and we are bombarded with new membership offers for the gym. These offers seem great, but they’re only there long enough to hook you in and spend some cash while you’re in your post-Christmas bloat phase. Fitness is about so much more than the cost, and while there are ways that you can spend your cash and trudge to the gym three times a week, why would you want to if you can do it all at home?

Get Fit – Not Broke!

Here at The Fitness Shop we not only do gym fitouts for commercial gyms, but we do home gym fitouts to your exact specifications. We can give you the best advice on home gym equipment in Melbourne and help you create the best possible gym that you could want without breaking the bank. This then allows you to get fit in the way that you want, without going bankrupt to do it. So, how exactly do you build the perfect home gym?

Step 1: Find Your Space

Before you do anything, you need to know where you can set your home gym up. The spare room, the office, the garage – you could use any of these places including an outdoor space. An additional area where you can workout without being disturbed would be the perfect solution.

Step 2: Fitness Feng Shui

Boost your energy levels and increase your motivation by making your space as light and airy as possible. If your home gym is swathed in natural light, you can add plants, and plants help to boost the oxygen and increase air quality in the room. Clear your whole exercise space of any distractions, removing anything that could be called clutter and take your attention away from the workout itself. If you can, add a mirror to your workout space and give yourself the chance to watch your form as you exercise; it can also help you to feel a lot less cramped.

Step 3: Stock The Gym

You don’t need masses of equipment or bulky machines for an effective way to get fit. The smaller and more inexpensive pieces can be the best thing for you. The key is knowing yourself and knowing whether you want to have a combination of cardio and strength equipment, or you want to concentrate on just one area. The cardio equipment includes exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, ski trainers and rowing machines while the strength equipment includes functional training equipment, fixed & adjustable weight benches, dumbbells & much more. You don’t have to get everything all at once; start small and build yourself up!

Step 4: Organize

You need to store your equipment in between workouts, especially if you’re using a shared space like the garage or living room. Get in some weight racks and shelves to organize everything you’ve bought for your workouts. Get creative and buy in a dock for your music with speakers to be able to keep your music neat and tidy. The right storage can set off the tone of your home gym!

Step 5: Use It!

Now that you have had your home gym installed, with the best cheap gym equipment in Melbourne from The Fitness Shop, you can get using your gym. Get your friends over and make it fun – and affordable – for all of you to get fitter and healthier. You don’t have to worry about expensive gym memberships and personal training when you can do it all comfortably at home.

Deciding to get a home gym fitout could change your life in 2019, and you can change the way that you view working out. You may discover a motivation that you didn’t have before, and you may be far more inclined to work out than you ever were before. Take the time to browse some equipment, map out your space and get it all perfect. It could be the one thing that you need this year to make yourself get off the couch and break a sweat. And you would have done it all without breaking the bank, too!

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