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How to Lose Weight Using a Rowing Machine 

If you have a lot of weight to shift, exercises like running or weight lifting might put too much strain on your joints and cause injury.  

Fortunately, as a low impact sport, rowing lets you burn those calories without putting too much stress on your body. A rowing machine burns more calories than any other types of fitness equipment and engages all your major muscles, giving you a full body workout and leaner muscles. 

Anyone at any fitness level can start rowing, just start off slowly and gradually increase your pace and resistance. When rowing with the goal of weight loss, duration and consistency are crucial. If you’re serious about weight loss, aim for a 30 minute rowing session each day. 

Beginner Workouts 

As you’re just getting started, the intensity of your rowing should be comfortable and moderate. If you’re not wheezing and can still hold a conversation during your workout, then you’re comfortable! 

Ideas for beginner workouts could include aiming to row 1km, and as your endurance increases, increase this to 2km, 3km, 4km, etc. Over time, both your time and distance will increase and you will see more results from your daily 30-minute sessions. 

Once you feel comfortable with rowing, mix things up with interval training. Spend 30 minutes switching between 1 minute of power strokes/hard rowing and then 1 minute of rowing at an easy pace. The high intensity phase will assist in burning fat faster. 


  • Remember to warm up before and cool down after and ALWAYS stretch. 
  • Record your distance covered and time after each workout. This will help you track your progress and keep you motivated. 
  • Weight loss isn’t just about working out. You have to eat healthy as well!