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Manual Treadmills vs Motorised Treadmills 

Manual treadmills seem to be a commonly searched for product and we can’t really understand why.

A manual treadmill does not have a motor so perhaps people think they can save on electricity costs? The cost of running an electronic motorised treadmill is really not that dear at all and is probably a lot cheaper than running a plasma television so we can’t really justify skimping on all of the extra benefits of high quality motorised treadmills. Perhaps it is the upfront cost that makes them appear attractive? With take home layby, interest free finance and the many rental options there really is no excuse to invest in poor quality equipment.

With a manual treadmill there is no motor to pull the mat along. Manual treadmills rely on you to push the rollers while walking or running, this is actually quite difficult as we are not used to trying to turn the earth under our feet. Our legs are designed to carry our body weight – not to move the ground underneath us. Another major downside of a manual treadmill is they require more frequent maintenance and lubrication by the user.

With a manual treadmill, you will need to be extremely motivated to gain any fitness or weight loss benefit (if any at all) as they will not motivate you to keep up like a motorised treadmill will, nor do they come with programs to add variety to your workout and keep your muscles guessing. Very few manual treadmills even have adjustable incline. So what benefits are there to be gained from a manual treadmill?

The only Pro (per se) with a manual treadmill is that you can regularly find them on the nature strip during council cleanups, at garage sales & on ebay for next to nothing. Why? Because just about every body who has bought a manual treadmill soon realizes that they are much harder to use than motorised treadmills are. Rather than buying a manual treadmill, we suggest you embrace the technological advancements and invest in a quality electronic motorised treadmill. You and your body will thank yourself later – trust us!

Where can you find manual treadmills?

No specialty retailer would bother stocking manual treadmills, these would only be sold by the chain stores like BIG W & Target as these department stores care simply about turn over, not about giving the customer the results they are looking for and not about repeat business. (Notice how you can’t try them in-store? Coincidence?)

Where can you find quality motorized treadmills?

At Workout World of course! We stock the largest range of motorized treadmills from brands you can trust. Check out our range in one of our many retail stores or click on SHOP up in the top menu to visit our online store.

To sum it all up

If you want a treadmill without features and one that is uncomfortable to use buy a manual treadmill, if you want a quality machine that WILL give fitness results and be very comfortable then check out our treadmill range online or head to one of our many stores.