Online Treadmill Shopping How-To

Online Treadmill Shopping: How to Make an Informed Purchase

When you buy a treadmill online it is very important that you develop and follow a plan. It would be best to take your time and not rush into it when you buy a treadmill online. Ideally, before you buy a treadmill online you should make an effort to try as many treadmill models as possible. All treadmills vary in comfort, quality and cost and unless you physically try before you buy you will be taking a very big chance – a gamble at best. 

Points you should consider include before you buy a treadmill online include: 

  • Suppliers 
  • Warranty 
  • Servicing 
  • Features 
  • Prices 
  • Payment options 

Treadmill Suppliers 
When looking to buy treadmills online you need to be confident that your supplier will be able to provide support, service and spares if or when required. Make sure that the company you buy from has a proven service and support network. There is nothing worse than buying a treadmill from eBay only to find out that the seller has vanished when it comes time for you to make a warranty claim. 

Buying a treadmill online is OK, buying a treadmill in-store is better. This is because you have the opportunity to try before you buy and can seek expert advice, protecting your investment.  The Fitness Shop has been a major player in the fitness equipment industry for over 30 years. With our network of more than 30 retail fitness and exercise equipment stores, you can rest assured that The Fitness Shop can service your every need. 

Treadmill Warranty 

All new treadmills should come with a warranty from both the manufacturer and the place of purchase. Treadmill warranties can come in many forms and are quite often very misleading. Again, look for a treadmill from a renowned supplier so you get peace of mind.  

Warranty terms and lengths can vary greatly. Some are back-to-base, some are in-home, some are unconditional while others do not cover general wear and tare. It is very important that you know exactly what warranty your new treadmill comes with BEFORE you buy a treadmill online. If in doubt, ask the supplier for exact details of the warranty. If buying your new treadmill online make sure you have a read of their returns policy. 

Don’t be fooled by claims that a treadmill has a “lifetime” warranty. All treadmills are built to a price and no manufacturer or retailer is going to cover a treadmill for a lifetime. How do you define a life-time anyway? Is it your lifetime or the treadmills and exactly how many years are in a lifetime? Get all the specifics before making your treadmill purchase. 

Treadmill Servicing 

There are literally thousands of treadmill manufacturers around the world. The majority of domestic treadmills are manufactured in China. Most of the factories assembling treadmills source their components from OEM vendors. A motor could come from one vendor, while the monitor, deck and frame could come from others. When it comes time for servicing of your treadmill parts may be needed. If the distributor of your treadmill does not have spare parts holding locally, you could be waiting months for new parts to be sourced.  

If buying your new treadmill from The Fitness Shop you do not have to worry as we have the largest spare parts holding in Australia, meaning a very quick turn around in the event that spare parts are required. If you do not live locally to the place from which you have purchased your treadmill you may able to request that the needed parts be shipped direct to you for fitting by an experienced local technician but some companies will demand that they do the work themselves and can even build this in to their warranty clause. 

Treadmill Features 

This is a very big topic and warrants a separate post but for the most part, treadmill features are common amongst the many brands. Things like, speed, incline, heart rate monitoring and programs being the most common. Some treadmills come with patented features.  

Why are patented features important? Well, you wouldn’t go and patent just any run-of-the-mill feature now would you? No. But if you were manufacturing treadmills and developed a very useful and innovative feature you would want to protect your intellectual ownership of it with a patent. So to sum up, look for patented features when you buy treadmills online, they can make a world of difference in your treadmill workout and they will not be available on all models. 

Treadmill Prices 

Treadmills can be found ranging in price from as low as $399 and all the way up to $15,000.00. They can be put into brackets of cheap and nasty, cheap, well priced, good value and high quality. You get what you pay for and especially with treadmills everything is built to a price. Some companies (The Fitness Shop) refuse to deal with the cheap and nasty models as they soon become a logistical nightmare for anyone selling them.  

Reputable retailers will want to sell reputable products ensuring that their customers stay happy. At the very lowest end, a treadmill will be easily afforded but will not be comfortable or a pleasure to use. It will be noisy, provide no cushioning and probably will not have any programs either. At the opposite end, the high end, a treadmill would be an absolute pleasure to use, come with an amazing host of features some of which will probably be patented. 

When thinking about price, think about what you are willing to invest in to your health, and your families if they will be using it too. Cheap treadmills require more servicing as they are more prone to breaking down and come with shorter warranties. Expensive treadmills have better quality components, more features and appropriate warranty periods. 

Treadmill Payment & Finance Options 

When buying your new treadmill you first need to determine your budget and whether you will be paying cash or utilizing finance options and payment terms. Large, reputable retailers will have many payment solutions to offer you so do your home work. Buying a treadmill from The Fitness Shop you will be given many choices including: Cash, cheque, eftpos, credit card, lay-by, take-home-layby, Interest Free, inRent and No Interest Ever. We also offer treadmill hire plans for both short and long terms.