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3 simple daily habits that go a long way

It often seems as though we spend countless hours trying to figure out the paradoxical complexity of life. We have all fallen victim to the power of overthinking and continuously trying to figure out what it is that we are … Read More

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New Year, Same You – 5 Tips To Sticking To Your Resolutions

It’s February, how are your New Year’s resolutions looking one month into the new year? These early months of the year are always the time when we think about who we are as people, examine our habits, and make promises … Read More

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How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

When it comes to exercising, it’s often thought that getting to the gym is half the battle. Which should mean that working out at home should be much easier to motivate yourself to do, right?   While having the means … Read More

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The Class & Style of Nohrd Gym Fitness Equipment

Nohrd gym equipment is, let’s be honest, at a level of class and style that many brands cannot even begin to compete with.   With the efficiency of design for which its native Germany is famed, the Nohrd brand is … Read More

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Burn The Fat: Best Cardio Equipment for Cardio Workouts

Burn The Fat: Best Gym Equipment For Cardio Workouts

The single most effective way to choose the right gear for your gym is to think about what you want to achieve. While a healthy balance in your workout is recommended, your goals will dictate which kinds of exercise you … Read More

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TechnoGym Chooses The Fitness Shop in Melbourne

TechnoGym is the Ferrari of gym equipment. Literally.   Designed and made in Italy, TechnoGym equipment has set new high standards in the fitness equipment industry with it’s most advanced patented technology, precision manufacturing, smart entertainment options, and a broad … Read More

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Exercise is Mindfulness Practice: Study Behind Flow Psychology

Like playing an instrument, or engaging in activity that requires intense focus, exercising can induce a “flow” state of mind. Flow Psychology has been studied for many years and sport and exercise are popular ways to get “in the zone” … Read More

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Luxury Real Estate Home Gym Project : 8 Jamieson Wonga Park

Managing Director of Erfanian Developments believed that installing a high quality home gym was the final piece to complete his 6 million dollar home estate. The Fitness Shop was delighted to provide premium gym equipment supply services. Looking for some … Read More

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What Should You Do on Rest Days?

Having an exercise program is important for maintaining your health. However, as counter intuitive as it may sound exercising too much may have a negative impact on your health. If you frequently exercise you should plan for some much needed … Read More

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Home Gym Makes Sense with The Right Motivation

Like all the details in life, home gym equipment is just a tiny piece to the overall puzzle. Investing in gym equipment will certainly lead you to working out more but your confidence and your ability to stick to an … Read More

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