Rowing Machines – A Full Body Workout

Rowing Machines – A Full Body Workout 

A rowing machine is a low-impact yet intense cardiovascular workout.  Rowing incorporates both the upper and lower body muscles and the rowing motion targets and tones numerous muscles. Frequent rowing workouts will develop muscular strength and endurance in some of the major muscles of the body. 


The major muscles of the back are targeted by a rowing machine. During rowing, the various back muscles work together to stabilise and pull together the shoulder blades and arm muscles are further engaged in a power stroke. 


The arms are used extensively throughout the workout. The posterior deltoid muscles or “delts” are engaged and work together with the back muscles to perform the rowing action of the upper body. The biceps and forearms are also activated. 


The hamstring and quads in your legs are engaged constantly during a rowing workout. During the pulling phase of rowing, the legs propel your body backward. 


The movement in rowing engages the abdominal muscles. Rowing also coordinates your upper and lower body in order to perform the movement in one fluid motion. 

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