Smart Fitness Equipment Shopping - How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Smart Fitness Equipment Shopping: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

 If you are looking to buy fitness equipment either online or in store there are a few things we think you should do prior to making your final decision. 

Looking to hire fitness equipment or try before you buy? 

Most short term hire equipment is paid for many times over by the hirer and is designed with the delivery guys in mind rather than the home-user. It is designed to be easily relocated at the end of the term and is not designed to give maximum results.

To get the best value, buy fitness equipment – don’t hire it. If you are still intent on hiring, talk your nearest The Fitness Shop  store for availability of short and long term hire models or take advantage of our Gym Equipment Hire in Melbourne.  

Define your goals. 

Knowing your goals will aid you in purchasing the right piece of fitness equipment. Be realistic while setting your goals and if you need help be sure to talk to one of our fitness equipment specialists either online or in store. Let us help find the perfect piece of fitness equipment for you. Don’t buy fitness equipment for rehabilitation like a vibration plate machine, if your primary goal is to burn body fat.

Vibration machines are good for blood circulation as a compliment to your existing equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, home gyms etc. but be weary as cheap vibration machines can do a lot of damage to your internal organs by operating at the wrong frequency. If you are not sure what you need, talk to our friendly staff, we know how to help. 

Space allocation 

Consider the amount of room in your home that you can dedicate to your fitness needs. Fitness equipment varies greatly in size and we are confident that you will find something in our range that will fit in your home and give you great results. Ideally, you should keep your exercise equipment inside where it is easily accessible.

Training indoors protects you from the elements outside and affords you the luxury of extra safety, entertainment and quality time with the family. If you have a spare room you should consider a Home Fitness Studio to maximize your fitness results. 

Don’t buy fitness equipment that folds to fit in your cupboard or under your bed – these ineffective contraptions are designed that way for a reason. Before long, you will realize the results are limited and will need somewhere to stow it! 

Budget considerations 

If in the market to buy fitness equipment, think about how much you want to invest in your health and fitness. Also, think about whether you want to buy outright, lay-by or finance your equipment. Whichever payment option you choose, you will save money compared to gym membership fees and the equipment will be yours to own! 

Create a realistic exercise plan 

Having a realistic exercise plan ready for when you get your new exercise equipment home is essential if you want to maximize your results. Know your goals and know how you are going to achieve them. Variation is key when it comes to maximizing results. By discussing your goals with our expert staff you will be able to structure a plan to suit your needs and the needs of your family. 

Research online then visit a retailer 

The internet is a fantastic tool when it comes to researching fitness equipment before you buy but you obviously can’t get on and try the equipment online; to do that you need to visit a retail store. The Fitness Shop has more than 30 stores across Australia and Australia’s largest range of exercise equipment so head to your nearest store before making your purchase. 

Test drive before you buy 

Be prepared to visit a showroom and to try as many models as you can. If you don’t, how will you know what you are comfortable on? If you are not comfortable on it you won’t use – don’t waste your money. We’re sure you’d take a car for a test drive before purchasing.