TechnoGym Chooses The Fitness Shop in Melbourne

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TechnoGym is the Ferrari of gym equipment. Literally.


Designed and made in Italy, TechnoGym fitness equipment has set new high standards in the fitness equipment industry with it’s most advanced patented technology, precision manufacturing, smart entertainment options and a broad array of programs including MYRUN TECHNOGYM®. Endorsed by the Ferrari F1 racing team, TechnoGym is quite literally the Ferrari of gym equipment.

And they have chosen The Fitness Shop to hold their product, the only retail shop in Melbourne and second in all of Australia to hold their product.

After an open dialogue, and a development of trust that they will uphold it’s reputation, TechnoGym has chosen The Fitness Shop to link Melbourne with the excellence of a brand symbolizing fitness on an international scale.

“We are delighted with and proud of this solid partnership. The dialogue between two market leaders has led us to offer our customers the extreme quality of TechnoGym,” states Ash Hyde, Managing Director at The Fitness Shop.

The Fitness Shop has always offered its customers a guarantee of excellence and high quality service, even in its choice of partners.

“TechnoGym has always been recognized as a leading company in the fitness industry and we are delighted with our alliance with them,” states Fitness Shop Managing Director Ashley Hyde, “We started this business to bring consumers a higher level of quality exercise equipment. Investing in a gym is a huge step. It should be the norm to offer such extreme professionalism.”

The Fitness Shop, a boutique specialty shop nestled in Essendon, Victoria opened their doors in May 2016 with the goal of bringing a specialty fitness shop to individuals looking for high-end gym equipment.

And when you walk in it’s specialty doesn’t go unnoticed.

Instead of walking into a typical retail shop and being greeted by a sales guy expect to walk into a consulting shop and speak with business professionals who will provide you with 15+ years experience and knowledge in physical training and equipment.

With a commitment to both quality and professionalism, it’s apparent that this business duo is a match made in heaven. If you haven’t yet checked out the beautiful treadmill MYRUN TECHNOGYM®, the first treadmill designed by runners for runners, it’s now available through The Fitness Shop.

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