Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

It might seem overwhelming to hit the gym and lift heavy weights. If this describes you, you might benefit from high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Around 20% of people worldwide are not getting enough physical activity each day, despite knowing that it’s healthy. There is a lot of benefit to HIIT, in terms of burning calories, losing weight, and building muscle.  

What is HIIT? 

The concept of HIIT involves short periods of intense exercise followed by periods of rest. The exercises you choose to include in your HIIT circuit are up to you.  

HIIT offers the flexibility of adjusting the intervals and rest periods. You can, for instance, exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds to complete 15 minutes, or exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds to complete 20 minutes.  

The Top 5 Benefits of HIIT 

1. HIIT is very effective 

HIIT workouts are ideal for busy schedules because they’re quick and convenient – whether you like to squeeze them in during your lunch break or don’t like to spend your entire evening at the gym.  

A study found that only four weeks after beginning bodyweight HIIT workouts, young, healthy adults saw improvements in their cardiorespiratory fitness. 

2. HIIT can help you burn more calories quickly 

Exercises that are short, fast, and intense are more effective at losing weight than exercises that are long, slow, and repetitive.  

Because you put in a significant amount of effort in an interval workout, your body is forced to work harder to recover, which means you burn more calories over the next 24 hours than you would when running slowly and steadily.  

With HIIT, you can lose weight more conveniently since you don’t need to spend as much time exercising because you burn more calories.  

3. HIIT increases blood flow and oxygen consumption 

HIIT will make you less fatigued because you’ll improve your cardio endurance. It will give you more energy and make you feel stronger. 

With its consistent long sessions of running or spinning at a steady pace, endurance training – the opposite of HIIT – is known to improve oxygen consumption. However, HIIT shows the same benefits faster. 

To deliver oxygen and nutrients through your circulatory system, your heart continuously pumps blood. The HIIT workout can strengthen and support your circulatory system so that you don’t feel fatigued afterward. 

4. HIIT enhances sleep quality 

You could increase the time you spend sleeping over weeks by performing consistent HIIT workouts. 

A 2021 review found that adults’ sleep quality can be significantly improved by HIIT performed at least eight times a week for over 16 minutes each time. The more often you do HIIT workouts, the less time you spend awake as you sleep.  

5. HIIT builds muscle 

It is common for HIIT workouts to require different types of movement. One HIIT workout might include squats, push-ups, and burpees, all of which target different muscle groups. A HIIT workout usually consists of four to six repetitions. 

Building up your muscles and increasing their endurance will be easier with multiple reps in one workout. By using them heavily and not allowing immediate rest, you will be able to boost your muscular endurance.  


As a form of fitness, HIIT improves mood and circulation and builds strength and stamina. You’ll get in a great workout in a short amount of time by working at your maximum capacity during the work period.  

Traveling is no problem with HIIT since it is an at-home workout that doesn’t require any equipment. Ensure you have enough space to move and a timer to keep track of the time.