How a trampoline can put the bounce back into your fitness regime

The popularity of fitness trampolines available here at The Fitness Shop always surprises some of our customers. The idea of using a trampoline for the purposes of improving your fitness may seem a little fanciful. After all, for the vast majority of us, trampolines have always been about one thing: fun. How can something that is purely about fun also be good for your fitness?

Well, the good news is that exercise can be fun, and using a trampoline – when done right – can be incredibly beneficial to your overall health and fitness routine.

How can trampolines be beneficial for health & fitness?

While many of us associate trampolining as a fun activity, there’s no denying its capabilities as a full-body workout. When used for fitness purposes, trampolining tends to be referred to as “rebounding”. Read below to see how it offers myriad benefits for your health and fitness…

  • Rebounding is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio is one of the core components of physical health and well-being. It has been linked with health benefits such as enhanced fat burning and improved heart health.
  • Rebounding allows for time-efficient exercise. For example, 20 minutes spent rebounding is the same as 30 minutes spent running on a treadmill. Maximise your workout time by switching running for rebounding!
  • Unlike running or cycling, rebounding should not take a toll on your joints. This ensures you are far less likely to suffer injuries, leaving you free to exercise in complete comfort.
  • Rebounding is hugely beneficial for your lymphatic system, which helps toxins to be efficiently cleared from your system. This, in turn, helps to promote optimal health.
  • Rebounding is also beneficial for balance and coordination. The first few times on a trampoline you may struggle to remain upright. With practice, your balance will improve substantially and you will find this far simpler.
  • More fun! Working out doesn’t have to be a slog when you choose to incorporate a trampoline into your fitness routine. You can still experience all of the physical benefits above and enjoy the activity in and of itself.

Aren’t trampolines for kids?

The conventional backyard trampoline is primarily designed for children and is unlikely to be particularly useful when attempting to trampoline for fitness purposes. Thankfully, specifically-designed fitness trampolines are available to help address this issue. Fitness trampolines are quite different to the toy-style trampolines that children use. They are designed to aid fitness improvement, and are usually stylish and sophisticated in terms of design.

What kind of trampoline should I use to workout?

If you wish to use a trampoline for fitness purposes, then – as mentioned above – it is best to select a dedicated fitness trampoline. We at The Fitness Shop have a range of options you may want to consider. You may want to pay particularly attention to the JumpSport fitness trampoline. This model has proven to be incredibly popular in the short time we have been supplying it, so the chances are you will love it too!

Final thoughts

A trampoline is the perfect solution if you are been growing tired of conventional fitness options and want to try something different. With a trampoline, you’ll have a great time and genuinely benefit your overall health and well being – what could possibly be better than that?

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