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Used & Refurbished Fitness Equipment 

Buyer Beware! 

Buying used or refurbished fitness equipment like a treadmill secondhand for example, can seem like a great idea especially for those who think they can’t afford to buy new. It is very important for you to understand the risks and costs involved in buying used and refurbished fitness equipment. 

A lot of people do not realize that in most cases the manufacturers warranty is not transferable when used or refurbished fitness equipment is traded. This can mean that that cheap secondhand treadmill you just scored off eBay could quickly become a money pit. With a bit of elbow grease most used or refurbished fitness equipment can be made to look like new and many sellers will even show you a copy of the invoice to (try to) “prove” they still have a valid warranty period. Make sure you check with the original place of purchase to validate any such misleading warranty claims. 

Used Treadmill Example 

A brand new treadmill with a full warranty could sell for example, at a price of $1500 and come with a great set of features. That same treadmill might sell used or refurbished (secondhand) for $750 just over a year old and just outside the 12month labor warranty period. Being only 12 months old, the treadmill would probably still look like new but what you wouldn’t know (unless you are skilled as a technician) is the condition of the components that are not visible to the naked eye. A treadmill motor and control board could cost a few hundred dollars each to replace and if you were unlucky enough to need to replace both and pay for the technicians labor then you would soon find that it could have cost you less to buy new in the first place. – AND you wouldn’t be training on used or refurbished fitness equipment that somebody else had sweated all over!! 

To sum it up, there is no real reason to buy used or refurbished fitness equipment unless you want to help a family member or friend by taking their no-longer-needed fitness equipment off their hands. With new fitness equipment you get the option of delivery and installation, all the manuals and paperwork, a valid warranty period, after-sales support and if buying from us, in addition to all this you also get payment terms to help make your purchase even more affordable! Taking all of this into account we think you’d be crazy to take a gamble on buying someone’s used fitness equipment.