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What Muscles Does An Elliptical Trainer Work? 


An Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer is a low-impact cardiovascular workout.  

The Elliptical incorporates both the upper and lower body muscles and the fluid motion targets and tone numerous muscles. Frequent workouts on the elliptical will develop muscular strength and endurance in some of the major muscles of the body. 

Triceps, Chest, Biceps & Back 

If your elliptical trainer has moving arm handles (most of them do), use them! The pushing motion engages the triceps (back of your arm) and the pectorals (chest muscles). Conversely, the pulling motion will keep your biceps and rhomboids which are responsible for pulling your shoulder blades together, working hard. 

The Core  

If you’re feeling confident with your balance, try not to hold the arm handles. This engages and strengthens your core muscles during your workout, helping you improve your posture and balance. 

Gluteus Maximus 

The gluteus maximus works to assist in hip extension. Hip extension is actively engaged in elliptical workouts. You can maximise this by placing the machine at an incline.