Types of Workouts You Can Perform On Elliptical Trainer | TFS

What Types of Workouts Can You Perform On An Elliptical Trainer? 

The Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that offers a number of  workouts targeting different muscles. As your feet are always resting on the pedals, the movement is easy on the joints and places less stress on the muscles, thus decreasing the risk of injuries. Moreover, the natural and fluid motion induced by  elliptical trainer means you don’t feel like you’re working as hard as you really are. 

Stair Climb 

Changes in incline on the Elliptical Trainer target and tone different muscles and are guaranteed to get your heart racing. Increase the incline and the stride height to perform a stair climb/hill climb. As you improve, increase the incline to higher levels to challenge yourself. 

Resistance Intervals 

Elliptical Trainers comes with adjustable resistance levels. For an intense yet rewarding workout, alternate between the highest and lowest resistance level for 1 minute each. Repeat this sequence 30 minutes. This type of training shocks your body and increases the number of calories burned. 

Speed Intervals 

Similar to Resistance Intervals, mix periods of high intensity work with recovery periods to burn calories fast and maximise results. At the lowest resistance level on your Elliptical Trainer, stride as fast as you possibly can for 1 minute. Take a 2 minute recovery period with a low intensity workout. 

Endurance Training 

Increase your endurance by training at a consistent and sustainable intensity for 45 to 60 minutes. Overtime, you will you will see great changes your aerobic capacity and you will be able to last longer on the elliptical machine.