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Bodyworx LXT300 Express Multi-Functional Trainer

Strength Equipment You Can Rely On

Bodyworx is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of convenient, resilient gym equipment, based right here in Australia.

With a range of strength training equipment, functional fitness gear, and workout accessories, The Fitness Shop has a range of Bodyworx products to help you supplement your home gym or to craft your own workout station from the ground up.

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Bodyworx Fitness Fundamentals

Strength training is one of the fundamentals of fitness. Your workout simply isn’t complete unless you have the equipment to ensure that your body is getting stronger, more resilient, and more resistant to injury.

Bodyworx sells a variety of high-quality strength training gear, including racks, weight plates, barbells and more. Built to last and to work as hard as you do, while still remaining cost-effective, Bodyworx fitness equipment can help you train harder while paying less than you would eventually have to cough up for a gym membership.
Cast Iron Powder Coated Kettlebells

A More Convenient Gym For The Home

Besides the standard strength training equipment, here at The Fitness Shop, we also sell a variety of Bodyworx functional training gear and accessories, including kettlebells and battle ropes. Designed to mimic day-to-day actions, this versatile gear can help you develop the mobility and flexibility you need all without taking up much space at all, meaning you can more done in a more compact space.

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Whether you’re looking to create your own strength training centre or you’re looking for compact, convenient exercise gear to help you complete a full workout in your own home, the Fitness Shop offers Bodyworx fitness equipment at affordable prices, so you can get looking through the products available and start building your new routine now. Send us an email at if you have any questions!

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