While strength training and mobility exercises are important, cardio is considered the core of all exercise. The obvious and immediate benefits are that you burn many more calories with cardio equipment, making it crucial in weight control. However, cardio also builds endurance, provides many beginners with an adjustable entry point to exercise, improves heart health, and has huge distressing benefits.

The Fitness Shop provides a wide variety of different kinds of cardio equipment to help fit the individual’s needs and goals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


The traditional choice of a cardio machine, treadmills are used most often because running is a very natural exercise and one of the most effective weight loss methods available.

Rowing Machines

As the name suggests, rowing machines simulate the movement of rowing a boat. You sit back on them and pull a handle connected to a flywheel or another dampener that provides resistance as you pull back on it.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are a great option for beginners, especially those approaching exercise with existing muscle or joint pain as they are almost impact-free.

Rowing Machines

These bikes have become much more popular of late and emphasis intensity more than the other options. When you pedal, you work against a flywheel in the front which tends to offer more resistance making for a great cardio workout. 

More Cardio Equipment

We have a wide selection of cardio training equipment online and in store.