Gym Flooring & Mats

Gym Flooring & Mats

An important addition to any home or commercial gym

A good foundation.

Gym flooring helps to keep everything hygienic, absorbs impact, improves safety and can make your gym look better too. Here at The Fitness Shop, we have a range of rubber gym flooring options for your gym to give it the look and feel you need.

Types of Flooring Available

  • Greater absorption to protect your equipment
  • Non slip surface
  • Easier to clean than granule tiles
  • Can last up to 5 times longer than granule tiles

  • Durable, all weather sports surface
  • High Quality

  • High quality Commercial Rubber
  • Supplied to a majority of the big commercial suppliers and retailers around Australia.
  • Double sided for versatility
  • Sturdy interlocking removable edges
  • High Impact: Soft and shock absorbent to withstand high impact ground grappling

Benefits of Gym Flooring

There are several excellent reasons to have gym flooring and mats in your gym.:

  • You have a stable surface for physical activity, which is essential if you want to keep your gym safe.
  • Slip resistance and comfort to keep you on your feet
  • Easy to wipe down to keep clean.
  • Easy to store when you’re not using them.
  • Very durable, so you can guarantee that they will withstand plenty of impact and last a long time.
  • Gym Flooring looks great!

Help from The Fitness Shop

If you are unsure about which gym flooring options are right for you, our talented team can help.

We can both offer advice and carry out gym flooring installation to get your floor and the rest of your gym into place.

Our gym flooring products include rubber gym mats, jigsaw mats and even sports turf to give you a range of options. We can help you to choose the best option for your gym, whether it’s a small home gym or a larger commercial space.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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