Gym Supplies & Accessories

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Gym Supplies & Accessories

Kitting out a gym isn’t just about the larger pieces of equipment. The smaller accessories and supplies and just as important to finish it all off. If you’re looking for gym supplies in Melbourne, The Fitness Shop can help you out. We have gym accessories and fitness gear to help you make sure you have everything that you need for your home or commercial gym. Any workout needs the right supplies to provide real value, and they need to be excellent quality to really make the most of them. Our gym and fitness accessories include a range of products, from aerobic steps to resistance tubes.

Diverse Range of Gym Accessories

No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, we have the supplies and accessories to help you out. For yoga and Pilates fans, we have mats and balls, as well as foam rollers. If you want a space-saving home exercise solution, our door gyms and chin up bars are just what you’re looking for. We have weights, wheels, steps, balls, bars and gloves to help you complete your gym equipment collection. Make sure that there’s nothing missing from your gym by browsing our range of accessories. We even have gym towels to keep you clean and dry.

Help from Our Team

Find out more about our products and how we can help you by getting in touch with our team. Our skilled and experienced staff members can advise you on which products can meet your needs, and what you can’t leave out of your gym.

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