Spin Bikes Melbourne

Why Choose a Spin Bike?

If you are looking to burn a lot of calories and you want a bike that is going to give you a total and fully effective workout, a spin bike is the perfect choice. These bikes are going to give you complete control over resistance and exertion. They are ideal for high-intensity indoor training (HIIT). This sort of equipment is going to recreate the sort of effort that would be required if you were to ride a bike in the real world.

  • Spin bikes are a great choice for a full effective and total workout- burning up to 800 calories per hour(3,347 kj)
  • Spin bikes give you full control over exertion and resistance and are perfect for high intensity indoor training
  • The spin bike’s compact design takes up less space than other cardio machines and are particularly good for building strength in thigh and hamstring muscles
  • This type of equipment recreates the kind of effort needed to actually ride a bike outside, and is considered a more accurate simulation than all other bike equipment

We have a wide variety of spin bikes available in Melborune. We also have Australia-wide shipping options available. Contact us today or visit us in store for more information.