Commercial Strength Gym Equipment Melbourne

Strength exercises are great for building and maintaining muscle mass, strength, and bone density. Strength gym equipment is generally safe and easy to use – but you must understand how to use it correctly and effectively. Some strength gym equipment is specialised for targeting specific muscle groups, which is also useful for faster recovery from an injury. The Fitness Shop has all the commercial strength gym equipment you’ll need for your commercial gym.

Why we are the best

The popularity of high-intensity condition training means more commercial gyms are adding strength equipment to improve and grow their facilities. With this in mind, we have stocked some of the best commercial strength equipment you’ll find on the market.

  • As a leading commercial strength equipment supplier, The Fitness Shop selects and distributes only high-quality strength equipment.
  • We use a customer service-centred approach and enthusiasm to deliver the most efficient and innovative product to many clients. 
  • Our strength gym equipment is great for circuit training, stimulating muscle growth and endurance, and adding definition to particular muscles 
  • As a well-known gym equipment supplier, we take pride in delivering premium, state-of-the-art commercial strength gym equipment to impress your customers.
  • We believe your commercial gym deserves the safest, most reliable and innovative strength training equipment to help your customers achieve their workout goals. 
  • You cannot skip a gym equipment supplier like us if you want the best product delivered at affordable prices.
  • The Fitness Shop has been delivering high-quality strength training equipment to businesses in the fitness industry, sporting clubs, home users, and several institutions for many years. 
  • We deliver Australia-wide

What are your commercial strength gym supplies needs?  

Go through our extensive collection to purchase premium strength training gym equipment such as dumbbells, squat racks, bars & plates and benches. You can also call us at (03) 9379 6211 to create the luxurious and functional gym you deserve.