Elliptical Cross Trainer Hire Melbourne

For those looking for a piece of equipment purely focused on aerobic exercise, then look no further than the elliptical machine. Your cardiovascular system will thank you when you include this machine with the rest of your workout regime. It helps to improve your heart and lungs and oxygen intake and flow. On top of that, you’ll be burning a lot of calories, so it’s great for those that are looking to primarily bring down their weight over muscle gains.  


Even so, you’ll still see your muscles improve as well as your overall stamina, with the added bonus of having your balance improve. Elliptical machines are also great for those that have joint issues, whether due to an injury or weight gain and are one of the most low-impact options that are out there. Speaking of injury, whether through fitness or an accident, because of how low-impact ellipticals are, they are the best machines to get yourself up and running and into appropriate fitness levels in no time.  

While these are an excellent machine, they are also a machine that tends to be the bulkiest option out there. That’s why it’s important to work with the right type of provider, and preferably rent for hire this machine versus trying to do a store-bought home one. The reason being is that elliptical machines built for the home tend to be of lower quality and won’t be as durable as one of our options.  

With that said, we offer two solid options, and the main difference between the two of them is their stride length. We currently offer an 18-inch and a 16-inch stride, and it’s critical to know the difference between the two. But, again, it’s all based on your height, not your weight, and those that are medium to smaller builds should consider the 16-inch, while the taller you are, the better off you are with the 18-inch. 

Regardless, we’ll help transport these bulkier pieces of exercise equipment to your desired location, set them up, and always be there to make sure they’re fully functional.