Exercise Bike Hire Melbourne

Exercise bikes are an excellent way to do aerobic training and something that you will want to have in your home gym or even if you run a professional commercial gym. Yet to purchase a piece of cycling equipment outright can be expensive for many, and there’s a much better option that comes from being able to rent out cycling equipment as needed.  


We offer flexible terms of either one month, three months or six months, and as you go with larger terms, the price per month gets effectively cheaper. In some cases, you are paying just around $100 per month to have the latest and greatest in regards to high-end cycling equipment.  

These are not those exercise bikes you buy at the mall for a few hundred dollars that seem to be made exclusively of plastic and aren’t balanced or weighted properly. As a result, you end up using them for a while and feel if you push too hard, the whole piece may collapse.  

We currently are offering three types of exercise bike options. For those that are looking for a traditional exercise bike, we currently offer the Horizon Paros Pro and Tempo U1050 Upright bike. If you’re looking to push your legs to the max and prefer a bike where you are more comfortable with the seating, then we would easily recommend the ARX700 Recumbent Bike 

Then we have two spinning bike options, whether you’re ready to start your own spin class or have a home spin class, and that is the GR3 Spin bike which has a manual break resistance or the more advanced GR7, that’s magnetic and has an integrated Bluetooth setup. The GR7 is also foldable for easier storage.  

All of our bikes have the same weight limit of up to 120kg, and we handle door-to-door delivery and pickup. We also help with any type of maintenance and repair issues during the rental period, so you can focus on exercise, and we’ll be your partner to focus on the equipment itself.