Rowing Machine Hire Melbourne

Rowing machines are an excellent bonus to any home or commercial gym. They are an all-in-one piece of machinery that helps to do a total body workout. While there’s not much variation in the type of workout that can be done (simply rowing), it’s enough to strengthen major and core muscle groups, from your arms and legs to your abdomen. At the same time, rowing machines will improve your overall cardiovascular health and endurance, meaning the more you grow, the longer you can go, and the less out of breath you will become.  

With that said, we offer two excellent rowing options for you to rent out. That way, you’re able to have a high-intensity yet low-impact workout that’s better for your body overall.  


The first option is the Horizon Air Rower. Horizon itself is known for only producing machinery with high-quality components that are going to be used repeatedly. As a result, it comes with multiple levels of resistance as well as a programmable computer system to manage everything and read out results. In addition, it has a flywheel design that shows its dedication to precision and helps to offer a smooth and natural rowing experience instead of tugging away at the machine with a poor posture.  

Our other option is the Pure Design PR4 rowing machine that is built with magnetic resistance and up to 16 levels of it as well. It’s got a sturdy aluminium rail, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it and a durable yet comfortable seating option. The Pure Design also comes with an LCD with a blue backlight for you to easily see how hard you’re pushing yourself and if you’re getting the expected results.  

We’ll work to get these rowing machines to your desired location for however long you wish to rent them out. It’s an excellent opportunity since you can always give them back after six months and see if there’s another model you want to try. Either way, we always work to ensure our equipment is in optimal working condition.