Treadmill Hire Melbourne

You can have help rounding out your home gym area and achieving your fitness goals by hiring a treadmill, which is the cornerstone of your home gym, at a fixed cost basis. That means you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars upfront.


Hire out high-quality fitness equipment

Due to the recent pandemic, many of us have decided that the best way to stay healthy and active is to have a home gym setup. Some of us also discovered that purchasing exercise equipment can have vastly different levels of quality and that it’s best to go for commercial-grade gym equipment due to the level of endurance and ability to last forever. Yet it may only come at a steep price for some.

There’s an excellent alternative to paying any upfront price for your treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bike, or cross-trainers. This is through a service we provide where you can hire or rent out the equipment for a fixed monthly cost.

With such a variety of treadmills and no need to commit if necessary, you can eventually find the right type of treadmill that comes straight to your door. We handle all the pick-up, and drop-off needed and are there for you through our customer service in case you have any issues with the equipment hire or if you’re looking to get more specific information on any of our treadmills for hire in Melbourne solutions.

We go beyond treadmills for hire

Looking to get some of the latest exercise equipment out there? We work to provide as diverse a product range as possible to help you with your weight loss goals. You can hire the GR3 or GR7 spin bike to ensure a proper sweat every time, or if you’re looking to push your aerobics throughout your whole body, we have options for ellipticals and rowers such as the Horizon Air Rower or the Pure design PR4 rower which the latter is programmable and works off of magnetic resistance.

Maybe you already have most of the high-quality fitness equipment in your home gym and just need to round it out with an upright bike like the Tempo U1050, the Horizon Paros pro, or a recumbent bike such as the ARX700.

Ready to help you with your goals

Regardless, if you’re already here, you understand just how beneficial a proper home gym setup can be. The ability to train professionally in the comfort of your own home, with a treadmill hire in Melbourne service such as ours, will help to enhance each workout on high-quality fitness equipment. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the machinery breaking down through extensive wear and tear, as the durability is top-notch. We’re ready to serve any fitness goals you want to accomplish through our treadmill hire.