NOHrD Wall Bars

A true classic among sports equipment

NOHrD Wall Bars unparalleled feature and foldout function.Use the WallBars sturdy foldout bar for pull-ups, simple hanging or swinging your body. The bar piece is easy to open and engages with a distinct click.

Different wall bars for different needs, the NOHrD Wall Bars are available in two sizes of either 10 or 14 rungs. The space between bars varies from 10 to 18 cm respectively.

Solid wood, strong safety cords for the foldout bar and additional wall fixture pieces make the NOHrD Wall Bars a safe and sturdy piece of multi-functional exercise equipment.

Multi-functional Training

Convert your NOHrD Wall Bars into a multi-functional exercise training station with additional accessories.

The NOHrD Combi Trainer considerably extends the range of exercise possibilities on the NOHrD Wall Bars using bodyweight resistance only.

The NOHrD Multi Adapter is a single piece accessory with two functions.

Classic exercises with the NOHrD workout bench, whether used for sit-ups or free-weight training, simply hang into the rung of your choice.