Functional Training Equipment Melbourne

Designed for gyms, fitness clubs, and trainers, functional training equipment is designed to be versatile and effective. From battle ropes to kettlebells, power bands to power bags, medicine balls to plyometric boxes, we have a range of functional fitness equipment to help anyone get the strength, stability, and mobility they need, no matter what part of the fitness journey that you might be on. Just as welcome in any home gym as any fitness centre, take a closer look at the functional fitness options on offer from The Fitness Shop.

What is functional training equipment?

All the products on this page are built for functional training. These are, essentially, exercises that are built to mimic the motions we rely on day-to-day. As such, they can help us develop the joint mobility, stability, and efficient motor patterns that allow us to get through everyday life with more energy and more vigor. Furthermore, functional fitness gear has been shown to decrease the potential for injuries during more intensive workouts, since muscles are repeatedly made more flexible and longer, meaning you’re much readier to go when the time comes.

Why buy functional fitness equipment in Melbourne

Besides helping to supplement an active daily lifestyle, functional fitness gear can also be used for strength training exercises on their own. The majority of functional training gear is easy to pack away and store, whether it’s a kettlebell or a medicine ball, so they can fit in just about any space. Moreover, a variety of different exercises can be done with each and every item, meaning every purchase from The Fitness Shop brings you much closer to a complete workout.