Bodyworx L500LG Multi Lever Gym & Bench


The Bodyworx multi lever gym is a one stop station for a full body workout – all in the comfort of your own home.

With heavy duty steel construction, and double sealed bearing on the pivot points, this home gym is a safe option if you are training alone. The upholstery is also double stitched and the seat is fully adjustable, allowing for maximum comfort during workouts.

Wide grip lat pull downs, bench press, preacher curls and leg extensions are just a few of the many exercises that can be performed on this Home Gym. The bench is also isolated from the home gym, meaning you can use it as a workout station for free weights as well.


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The Bodyworx L500LG Multi Lever Gym is full of patented innovations that make it the most functional, space efficient & heavy duty multi-gym in its price range. The leverage arm replaces the barbell allowing you to perform exercises to failure with complete safety.

The seat section includes the leg lift and adjusts to numerous decline,flat, incline and shoulder press positions. The seat section is mounted on an access that allows it to easily pivot 90 degrees out of the way enabling access to the inner power area for squats, rows, shrugs etc.

The overhead lat machine provides both high and low pulley exercises utilizing a lever rather than the traditional guide rod and slider method. As the cable follows a direct path it is one of the smoothest running lat machines out there.

Total Body Training

Over 20 of the best and most effective classic strength training exercises built into one gym. Work every muscle group to reach your maximum potential!

TheLeverGym™ Advantage

The lever arm drives the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces the barbell and provides the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Power Lifting Access

The Bodyworx L500LG Multi LeverGym™ removable bench section opening up the lever area for power exercises such as squats, shrugs and rows. The bench has wheels for easy in and out access and includes handlebars for gripping during leg exercises.

Improved Safety

  • Double Sealed Bearings on Pivot Points provide Smooth Movement
  • Wheels on Bench for Convenient Transportation
  • Heavy Duty Construction bears Serious Users – (2.75 mm Tube on Lat)
  • Vinyl Cover on Arm Handles & Foam Roll on Squat Bar provide a comfortable Feeling
  • Double Stitched durable Upholstery
  • Flat, Incline, Decline Position for the Bench
  • Adjustable Seat Height allows Correct Positioning
  • Lock Pin on the Leg Developer for Leg Holder Usage

Exercises Include:

  • Lat Pull-Down, Bench Press (Flat / Incline / Decline)
  • Shoulder Press, Triceps Press Down
  • Seated Rowing, Arm Curl
  • AB Crunch, Leg Extension
  • Calf Raise, Squat, Dips

Weight Capacities:

  • Maximum Press Arm Capacity: 225 KG (495 LBS)
  • Maximum Lat / Low Row Capacity: 160 KG (352 LBS)
  • Maximum Squat Bar Capacity: 135 KG (297 LBS)

Assembled Dimensions:

  • 210 cm (L) x 141 cm (W) x 216 cm (H)


  • C510PP Preacher Curl