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Slim Beam Club

Choosing the Nohrd Slim Beam Club means you are selecting an exercise machine which features all the benefits of traditional cable machines, along with a top design, capable of blending into your home interior.

Cable machines are one of the most classic exercise machines you will find in any gym. Gyms, Fitness Studios and Physio therapy centers always have at least one cable machine, due to their versatility and functionality.

Enjoy the SlimBeam’s slender shape, soft contours and high-quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colours, to suit your tastes.

Made from solid Ash wood.

**The Slim Beam should be wall or ceiling mounted to studs or can be free standing with the free standing foot accessory.**


  • Base plate: 17.3″
  • Height: 84.6″
  • Width: 15.7″
  • Depth: 7.8″
  • Distance to wall: 3.9″
  • 14 weights: 11.02 lbs /ea
  • 1 start weight: 11.02 lbs
  • Total weight: ca. 165.5lbs
  • cable ratio: 3:1