NEW TuffStuff SPT-6 Six-Pak Trainer ideal for home use. This gym will enable you to:

  • Work out using all the traditional cable movements including abdominal crunch, tricep pushdowns, shoulder press and outer thigh exercises
  • Exercise effectively using sports specific moments including a fast ball pitch, baseball swing and golf swing
  • Do the popular pilates-style movements: forward facing swan, hug-a-tree, and offer-up
  • Effectively improve your strength capacity without any limits

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The TuffStuff SPT-6 Six-Pak Trainer is a compact and space-efficient all-frontal workstation that is changing the shape of strength training. Manufactured from sold and stable 3” round 11-guage tubular steel and a combination of 2” x 3” oval and 2” round tubing, the machine offers unlimited functional and strength exercise training capability. It is finished with the good-looking powder coat finish that helps to make this TuffStuff gym really stand out.

Key Features of the TuffStuff SPT-6 Six-Pak Trainer:

The TuffStuff’ SPT-6 Six-Pak Trainer is based on a compact European style design that encompasses proven cable motion technology.  In addition, the handles are user-friendly, with an easy-to-use “free flow” design, and the machine features the industry’s first 360-degree rotating bench.

  • Weight stack:  200lbs.
  • Weight shields: Full length, made of protective steel.

Product specifications:

  • Powder coat finish: Platinum Sparkle accented with Ebony Chrome.
  • Weight and size: 67”L x 32”W x 80” (170 cm x 81 cm x 203 cm); shipping weight 275 lb (125 kg).
  • Certification: Made in the USA; certified 920 lb test 1/8” military-spec nylon coated cable for smooth friction-free movement.
  • Warranty: Lifetime on everything to the original purchaser when used in a home environment.


Optional accessories:

  • Sports specific: Ideal for baseball and golf handle; variety of handles, as well as rope and multi-use.
  • Accessory stand: Powder coated stand that can hold all the accessory items including those mentioned above.
  • Straight bar with double hook: Ideal for pilates-style movement.