The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment

A Gift For You

The word “wellness” has been used a great deal in magazines and all over the internet the past few years. However, if you look at where and when it is used, you will find many people don’t tend to truly define what wellness means. In fact, most use the term interchangeably with “health”.

While that definition isn’t completely wrong, it misses a lot of what the word “wellness” should truly represent and what we, at The Fitness Shop define “wellness” as. That is why we are dedicated to The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment.

A Wellness Lifestyle Coach to show you the way…

Along with a new mindset, The Fitness Shop is proud to announce that we are bringing on board a new Wellness Lifestyle Coach. The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment is about making a commitment and sticking to it, allowing you to feel the benefit of your effort in all areas of life. To ensure this process doesn’t overwhelm or discourage you, we ensure you receive 2 complimentary sessions with our Wellness Lifestyle Coach who can teach you the best workouts and mindsets to deliver optimum wellness. If you decide to make the switch to wellness, you’ll never look back.

So right now is a good time to really zone in on what The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment is, and why you should care. With any luck, there will be a few tips that you can put into practice to ensure you feel the benefit of your wellness focus. If you have questions about how wellness should work, prepare to have them answered…

What is The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment?

As previously mentioned, it’s not incorrect to say that wellness concerns health. Health is definitely an aspect of wellness. To be more accurate, though, wellness is the entire process that involves making decisions and taking action that can ensure you live a healthier, more fulfilled, more enjoyable life. And we are here to help you do just that.

The more you act with wellness in mind, the more likely you are to have a higher quality of life– it’s that simple…

Ready to get started?

We can’t wait to get you started with The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment. Your future home gym and Wellness Lifestyle Coach are just a few steps away. Contact us now to get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment so important?

The Wellness Lifestyle Commitment is important because, while people tend to separate their mental and physical health, the two are actually intrinsically linked. You won’t feel totally happy if you’re not feeling physically well. Equally, if you’re stressed or depressed, you won’t feel at your best physically.

If you approach eating, exercise, and interactions with others keeping wellness in mind, then you will benefit your entire life. Wellness is a holistic approach, rather than one that separates life into small compartments.

How can you achieve a better Wellness Lifestyle?

Wellness is all about making the right choices. When a day in front of the TV seems tempting, choose to take your dog for a walk first. When you’re feeling under the weather, try a quick and simple workout to stimulate your endorphins.

It’s important to keep your overall goals for life realistic. Harboring unrealistic expectations is one of the most damaging ways to live; while it’s good to aim high, you also have to insert an amount of realism into the equation too. If you don’t, you could experience displeasure at not having reached goals (which were unobtainable anyway).

How do you know what’s realistic?

The answer to this is simple: talk to an expert, such as our own Wellness Lifestyle Coach, who will speak with you and guide you on a path to wellness. A professional will explore what you can commit to, where you want to go in life, and judge how that can be achieved. Together, you can formulate a wellness plan that can guide you through life and help to center you and your experiences.